Playing cover songs and having serious fun since 2014!

Meet ZiBand

ZiBand formed in 2014 in Bucharest, Romania and was founded by Vlad Ștefănescu, Software Engineer in the Zitec team and band’s drummer, and Ionuț Cociaș, Organizational Development Strategist and also vocal & guitarist.

The band had its first concert in 2014 at #ZiHack, the company’s annual hackathon, a 24h programming marathon. Since their first concert, ZiBand has had a couple of challenging projects such as concerts for the CEO Clubs team, live concerts in Spice Club and even a charity concert!

Their music is a mild mix of covers and adaptations, with original lyrics about the Zitec universe. Some of the songs refer to colleagues, projects or departments, like Geta de la facturare, Poveste de HR or Doamna Lenuta, all 3 songs being also the band’s hits.

Band Members

Vlad Ștefănescu


Anca Popa


Ionuț Cociaș

Vocal & Guitarist

Răzvan Militaru


Ionuț Breta



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